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Those who suffer from mental illnesses have different milestones to celebrate such as getting out of bed, being productive, and not succumbing to their dark thoughts. These inspirational stories are of women who are celebrating mental health victories that may seem small but are large enough to impact their lives dramatically.


Taking Control

A woman had a long history of suffering from panic attacks and OCD ever since childhood. She dealt with it as best she could until, in her adult years, she felt the symptoms worsening into ‘warning signs’ that required her to seek professional help. She decided to take a proactive approach to the situation and resumed regular weekly appointments with her therapist. She’s incredibly proud of herself for taking control of the situation and setting her life back on course.



A girl of the tender age of 22 confessed that she’s been addicted to cutting herself since she was six-years-old. It helped her feel in control of her life. It also served as a way of punishing herself if she felt she made a mistake. She managed to quit cutting for an entire year, but then she was rejected for a job and the urges returned. Instead of giving in to her urges, she decided to take her dogs for a walk while talking herself down from that ledge. She told herself that her life would be okay despite the rejection. With her support system and her positive mindset, she was able to refrain from her urge to self-harm. She is now working towards a masters degree in public health so that she can help others who are in need.


Death Plan

Most people will spend their days mapping out their meals, their errands, or their chores. For one woman, most of the days of her life were spent mapping out a plan to commit suicide. At almost age 40, this woman has survived her best suicide plans to proudly proclaim that she hasn’t planned her own suicide in over five years. This celebratory five years clean doesn’t count towards days without a suicidal thought, however. Although this woman still struggles with thoughts of suicide, she’s managed to make it three days without a suicidal thought. This shows that progress is continual and hope can spring forth at any age, so just hold on for one more day.