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Stress, anxiety, depression, and a variety of other mental health disorders plague millions of people every year across the globe. While there are therapy sessions and other more expensive techniques to deal with these issues, many are turning to more traditional forms of exercise as a natural technique to combat them. So what are some of these techniques and how are they helping individuals battle mental health afflictions?


  • The Relationship Of Meditation With Mental Health
  • Medical Trials Are Showing Positive Results For Meditative Movement
  • Exercise Produces Natural Endorphins


The Relationship Of Meditation With Mental Health

Meditation has long been used as a means to calm individuals down and allow them to clear their minds. While this is still a highly effective technique for many, a movement aspect has been added to some techniques to help accommodate a larger base of people. Mental health issues largely surround stress and meditation is one of the most proven techniques to either fully reduce or drastically reduce stress in patients. As this stress subsides and they begin to think more clearly, the underlying mental health issue can be more easily addressed.


Medical Trials Are Showing Positive Results For Meditative Movement

A popular version of meditative movement is that of yoga. Yoga has even been used in some medical trials to show how meditative movement helps reduce stress levels and increase the overall quality of life. Focusing on working through issues while completing these practices can also be an effective conflict resolution technique. Those with a history of mental health issues may want to seriously consider incorporating meditative movement into their everyday routine. They can start slow and simply and over time expand their routine to incorporate more difficult techniques as their abilities improve.


Exercise Produces Natural Endorphins

A great defense against depression and other mental health issues is exercise. That is because exercise naturally produces chemicals in your brain called endorphins which can naturally affect the pleasure sensing portion of the brain. This is what some refer to as a “runners high” and is the good feeling one gets after a good workout. Yoga or tai chi are a great way to both clear your mind as well as produce natural endorphins from the exercise involved.