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Dr. Rodney Aziz

Professional Overview

Rodney Aziz is a General Practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. In 1995 he graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. From 2007 – 2010 Rodney Aziz worked on his Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). The FRACGP signifies that the doctor is capable of excellent and safe care. As a General Practitioner, Dr. Aziz gets the opportunity to work with patients of all ages. A General Practitioner is often the first medical professional that a patient will visit when facing a medical issue. Dr. Aziz’s education and work experience give him the ability to diagnose a wide range of issues and recommend patients to the appropriate specialist if necessary.

Throughout his career, Dr. Aziz has focused on providing patients with the best care possible. Getting to know patients and helping them with the medical issues they face is a rewarding career that Dr. Aziz is grateful to be involved in. One of the medical trends that Dr. Aziz is excited about is the use of technology to improve patient care. The ability to book appointments over the web, submit prescriptions online, and check in for appointments via kiosks are just some of the things that Dr. Aziz looks forward to employing in his work. When technology is used appropriately it can improve a patient’s in-office experience, speed up the appointment process, and help with organization for both doctors and patients.

Experience, compassion, and empathy are three qualities that help separate Dr. Rodney Aziz from his competitors. For more than twenty years Dr. Aziz has helped patients from every background deal with a wide variety of health issues. This breadth of experience equips Dr. Rodney Aziz with the ability to provide patients with exceptional care and deal with the challenges associated with the medical profession. The medical practice is constantly changing, so doctors must be able to stay on top of the latest practices if they want to provide the best care. Dr. Aziz strives to keep up with the latest medical trends so that his patients always receive first-rate care.

Outside of work Dr. Rodney Aziz enjoys traveling and scuba diving. Over the years Dr. Aziz has traveled to numerous destinations throughout the world including Africa, Asia, and Asia. In fact, the only continent that Dr. Aziz hasn’t visited yet is Antarctica. To learn more about Dr. Aziz’s passion for traveling, visit his travel blog.